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First Steps[edit | edit source]

We highly recommend to download a sample workshop item and use it as a base for your own scenario. These are the steps to get something up and running in record time:

  • Go the workshop and subscribe to the "Workshop Sample" item
  • Once the item is downloaded by Steam a new entry for the mod should be created within the folder structure where Steam is installed ex.: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\489370\923055979"
    • In the previous example 489370 is the Id of the game while 923055979 is the id of a workshop item
    • Another way is to search the Steam folder for the file "operatives.csv" which is a file present in our workshop items
  • Copy that folder to a location of your preference ex.: "C:\MyWorkshopItems" and give the folder containing the workshop files a readable name. The final path to your version of "operatives.csv" should look like "C:\MyWorkshopItems\MyAwesomeItem\operatives.csv"

Now we will inform the game about a scenario that is outside the steam workshop so that you can edit freely without constant submissions. To this end:

  • Go to the quarantine folder located in your local app data ex.: "C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Quarantine\"
    • If you cannot find the AppData folder, try turning on "hidden" in your Properties menu.
  • There should be a file called "config.user.xml". Open this file for editing
    • If the file does not exist run the game once and modify a random setting, for example, the resolution. This will cause the game to recognize the user has defined preferences and will create this file automatically.

Now Add the following to the Config element:

		<Item path="C:\MyWorkshopItems\MyAwesomeItem" title="My scenario" enabled="true"/>
		<Item path="..." title="..." enabled="true"/>

The hierarchy of the elements should look like this:

			<Item ... />

The "path" is the path to your custom scenario while "enabled" allows you to quickly enable or disable your item from appearing in the game. You can have as many items as you want in parallel.

Congratulations, your item has been created and can now be tested in game.

If you want to personalize the scenario image that appears in the scenario selection you need to replace the image "images/scenarioImage.png". The game will always take this image as your scenario image.

Best Practices[edit | edit source]

Work is small increments. The version of the game deployed through Steam does not have logging enabled thus it can make mistakes and small errors hard to find. Because of this, we recommend working in small increments and testing the game often. This way, if something goes wrong with a change it will be fairly easier to locate the offending change and correct it.

Consult the general scenario definitions located in ...Quarantine/data/common/definitions for examples of how to use some of the definitions.

Submitting your workshop item[edit | edit source]

Submitting a workshop item is done through the game by selecting the "Workshop" option in the main menu and then "Submit Scenario". You will need the full path to your workshop item and an image if desired.

NOTE: the size limit for the image is 1MB. Anything above and the submission will not go through. However, this applies only to the preview image and not the images in your workshop item folder.

Changeable Data[edit | edit source]

The following links lead you to definitions of the content of each changeable file:

Fixed Data[edit | edit source]

Example Workshop Item[edit | edit source]

In the following link you can find an example Workshop Item that you can use to have an easier start on creating your own scenario:
Sample Scenario