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Security are operatives focusing on security operations (color-coded green).

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Security operatives reduce -1 damage from operations per level.

List of operatives[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Bio
Op f security 02 ws.png
Theresa Azikiwe Recruitable A former prison warden. This operative knows how to handle tough situations and always manages to stay positive.
Op m security 02 ws.png
Seth Levitt Recruitable Ex secret service. Haunted by Black Ops. This operative is determined to use his martial skills to earn redemption.
Op f security 01 ws.png
Jane Park Random Rewardable The first female head of a peacekeeping force. This cool-headed warrior knows how to apply force without escalating tensions. (formerly Tomoko Abe)
Op f security 03 ws.png
Sasha Petrov Random Rewardable Sasha worked as a bodyguard to the rich and famous before she was recruited by WARD.
Op m security 01 ws.png
Sean Coogan Random Rewardable A battle tested SEAL. This operative's gung-ho stance belies a deep concern to minimise the collateral damage from conflict.
Op m security 03 ws.png
Santiago Aguilar Random Rewardable An elite policeman fighting the endless drug war. This operative thinks the war on disease is more deserving of his skills.
Op m security 04 ws.png
Lance Sullivan Random Rewardable
Op m security 05 ws.png
Dimitri Dolvich Random Rewardable

Gallery[edit | edit source]