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Leader science.svg

Scientists are operatives focusing on scientific operations (color-coded blue).

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Gain additional samples during sampling operations (+1 per level).

List of operatives[edit | edit source]

Image Name Type Bio
Op f scientist 02 ws.png
Mia Monte Recruitable Former head of a governmental RnD agency. This operative despises any human made barriers to scientific progress.
Op m scientist 02 ws.png
Fernando Cruz Recruitable Heir to a ranching dynasty. This operative uses his wealth to emulate Che Guevera - the revolutionary doctor.
Op f scientist 01 ws.png
Naomi Chike Random Rewardable A Rhodes scholar. This operative uses science as her weapon to combat inequality and injustice.
Op m scientist 01 ws.png
Stevie Banks Random Rewardable A child prodigy courted by Silicon Valley. This operative's hippy leanings means he dedicates his brain to the common good.
Op m scientist 03 ws.png
Tim Akiyama Random Rewardable
Op m scientist 04 ws.png
Victor "Mr. Ash" Ashook Random Rewardable

Gallery[edit | edit source]