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Operatives form your core Pan-Def team. They are used to resolve random events and perform field operations to advance the fight against the contagion. There are four main categories of operatives, one for each of the major operation types:

  • : The unsung heroes responsible for protection and treatment of afflicted people (orange).
  • : Persuasive and charismatic representatives of Pan-Def, excelling in diplomatic assignments, such as establishing offices in target cities (white).
  • : Researchers excelling in scientific (blue) operations, such as sampling.
  • : Specially trained field agents who excel in operations such as quarantines (green).

Master list of operatives[edit | edit source]

All operatives start at level 1 with 10 hit points. They are completely interchangeable in the current build.
Image Name Class Type Bio
Op f containment 03 ws.png
Monica Madsen Containment Recruitable As an ex red cross helicopter pilot she is a very useful addition to the team of Pandemic Defense.
Op m containment 01 ws.png
Rex Clayborn Containment Recruitable A veteran paramedic of the 9/11 attacks. This operative is addicted to the adrenaline of emergency work.
Op f containment 01 ws.png
Sophie Schultz Containment Random Rewardable Experienced at handling LA's gang violence. This operative's laid back attitude softens her steely determination.
Op f containment 02 ws.png
Tamara Farsi Containment Random Rewardable Proud of her scientific lineage. This operative's education and curiousity make for a resourceful medic.
Op m containment 02 ws.png
Dirk Schroeder Containment Random Rewardable A former NGO health worker. This operative has a big heart and big shoulders to bring help wherever he can.
Op m containment 03 ws.png
Sinh Nguyen Containment Random Rewardable Sinh has a demeanour which makes people unconfortable. (formerly Alastair Thano)
Op f diplomat 02 ws.png
Victoria Vergoosen Diplomacy Recruitable Victoria has worked as a spokeswoman for many major health organisations in her life.
Op m diplomat 02 ws.png
Juan Cortes Diplomacy Recruitable Exploiting his playboy image. This son of conquistadors and lawyers uses charm and riposte to win his point.
Op f diplomat 01 ws.png
Elizabeth Hance Diplomacy Random Rewardable Cambridge educated career diplomat. This scion of empire builders has tired of neo-colonialism's divisive effects.
Op f diplomat 03 ws.png
Sofia Martinez Diplomacy Random Rewardable
Op m diplomat 01 ws.png
Sonchai "Sonny" Sakda Diplomacy Random Rewardable
Op m diplomat 03 ws.png
Gordon Taylor Diplomacy Random Rewardable Gordon is a diplomat who served as the personal advisor of Mobutu Sese-Seko.
Op m diplomat 05 ws.png
Alan Williams Diplomacy Random Rewardable Alan was an insurance salesman for many years
Op f scientist 02 ws.png
Mia Monte Science Recruitable Former head of a governmental RnD agency. This operative despises any human made barriers to scientific progress.
Op m scientist 02 ws.png
Fernando Cruz Science Recruitable Heir to a ranching dynasty. This operative uses his wealth to emulate Che Guevera - the revolutionary doctor.
Op f scientist 01 ws.png
Naomi Chike Science Random Rewardable A Rhodes scholar. This operative uses science as her weapon to combat inequality and injustice.
Op m scientist 01 ws.png
Stevie Banks Science Random Rewardable A child prodigy courted by Silicon Valley. This operative's hippy leanings means he dedicates his brain to the common good.
Op m scientist 03 ws.png
Tim Akiyama Science Random Rewardable
Op m scientist 04 ws.png
Victor "Mr. Ash" Ashook Science Random Rewardable
Op f security 02 ws.png
Theresa Azikiwe Security Recruitable A former prison warden. This operative knows how to handle tough situations and always manages to stay positive.
Op m security 02 ws.png
Seth Levitt Security Recruitable Ex secret service. Haunted by Black Ops. This operative is determined to use his martial skills to earn redemption.
Op f security 01 ws.png
Jane Park Security Random Rewardable The first female head of a peacekeeping force. This cool-headed warrior knows how to apply force without escalating tensions. (formerly Tomoko Abe)
Op f security 03 ws.png
Sasha Petrov Security Random Rewardable Sasha worked as a bodyguard to the rich and famous before she was recruited by WARD.
Op m security 01 ws.png
Sean Coogan Security Random Rewardable A battle tested SEAL. This operative's gung-ho stance belies a deep concern to minimise the collateral damage from conflict.
Op m security 03 ws.png
Santiago Aguilar Security Random Rewardable An elite policeman fighting the endless drug war. This operative thinks the war on disease is more deserving of his skills.
Op m security 04 ws.png
Lance Sullivan Security Random Rewardable
Op m security 05 ws.png
Dimitri Dolvich Security Random Rewardable