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This page details how to survive the first hour of Quarantine without succumbing to the contagion yourself.

Setup[edit | edit source]

  • Welcome to Early Access! Although a lot more content is planned for inclusion in Quarantine, this early version contains the basic gameplay and allows you to play through three scenarios, each with a different, randomly generated contagion.
  • The goal is to research the cure for the contagion (complete all research in the lab) while preventing the disease from spreading all over the word. You start the game by selecting the scenario, difficulty level (affecting the aggressiveness of disease, operation risks, and success chances), and leader, giving you one free operative and tech in the selected category.

Quick start[edit | edit source]

  • Welcome to the map. Your first priority should be identifying disease hotspots (up to three, depending on difficulty level). The outbreak usually happens in cities that are well connected to others on the map, but if you're lucky, you'll receive an isolated city as the source of the infection.
  • Immediately select a tech to research. On higher difficulties, the body armor engineering project is pretty much mandatory if you want to get any mileage from your operatives.
  • Your next step depends on the circumstances. Establishing an office near an infected city allows you to quickly increase the income and hire another operative sooner. On the other hand, immediately imposing quarantine measures on an infected city that allows the disease to jump to a new continent will benefit you in the long term.
  • Ensure you selected a research project, then hit the end turn button.
  • Observe the spread of the disease. On higher difficulties, the contagion will try to spread out and attack as many cities as possible. Given the unpredictability of gameplay, your priority should be:
    • Getting a max amount of operatives as soon as possible.
    • Reducing infection levels. A city at level 4 is considered lost and CANNOT be ever retaken. A city at level 0 can only be reinfected and cannot spread the infection.
    • Once containment is established, proceed to develop the cure, gathering samples from infected cities.
    • The game completes when all cure stages have been researched.