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The Tech (engineering) view.

Engineering or tech allows you to develop upgrades for each of the operatives' classes that improve their performance in the field or limit the amount of damage they receive while responding to random events or running operations.

List of upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • New upgrades are unlocked by engineers and each takes 4 days (turns) to research, forcing you to make specific choices. Research can be sped up by hiring additional engineers at $60 000 per engineer, up to a max of 4. Each engineer reduces research times by 1.
  • You receive one free upgrade depending on the leader you chose.
Tech tree
Tech armor.png
Body armor
-50% damage during operations
Tech syringe.png
Advanced treatment
Remove 2 samples instead of one per treatment operation
Tech learning.png
Accelerated training
+50% experience gain for operatives
Tech firstaid.png
Improved first aid
Healing operations completely restore operative health
Tech strength.png
Emergency preparedness
Operatives have -25% chance to get damaged during operations
Tech megaphone.png
Public health awareness
Disease has -1 intensify actions per turn
Tech logistics.png
Improved logistics
+1 operatives limit
Tech dna.png
Mutation inhibitor
Disease requires +10 mutation points to mutate
Tech apc.png
Militarized quarantine
Operatives cannot be damaged during operations in quarantined cities
Tech disinfect.png
Cities treated to 0 infection level cannot be reinfected
Tech morebases.png
Expanded organization
+1 office limit
Tech petridish.png
Improved microbial cultures
-1 samples required to research traits
Tech barrier.png
Reinforced quarantine
+1 health for new quarantines
Tech screening.png
Disease screening
Disease has -1 spread actions per turn
Tech moremoney.png
Improved fundraising
+$10 000 money per office
Tech multisample.png
Bulk sample collection
+1 samples collected from sampling operations