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The North American continent under infection. Vancouver has been lost to infection. Winnipeg suffers from a level 1 infection, while Houston has a neutralized level 0 infection. Denver, Los Angeles, New York, and Mexico City are quarantined to contain the spread.
The research view, showing the progress towards a cure and unlocking various intermediate treatments.

The contagion is your primary antagonist in Quarantine, a virulent, infectious plague that can be viral, bacterial, or prion-based (or a combination of the above). The contagion mutates as the game progresses, requiring constant updates to your arsenal. The mutations are all randomly determined, depending on the whims of the disease AI.

In each turn, the infection can try to increase its spread or intensity, as well as spend mutation points on trying to mutate. Random events can also occur that, if fail, will result in major increases to infection and spread.

The contagion can be destroyed either by researching the cure or eradicating the disease completely through containment (no city is infected).

Types[edit | edit source]

There are three basic scenarios available in Quarantine in the current built, each with different behavior and different scenarios related to it.

  • A bacterial contagion has increased spread.
  • A viral contagion mutates more rapidly.
  • A prion contagion increases infection levels faster.

Spread[edit | edit source]

The disease aims to increase the global infection level to the maximum by spreading and intensifying the infection. The disease can only spread to adjoining cities (connected with a line on the map) and even then, only when there is an active link between the cities (orange, rather than gray). If the disease spreads to a city, it infects it with a level 1 infection.

Naturally, the best way to limit the spread of a disease is to box it in, namely control major node cities (connected to multiple other cities or allowing transcontinental travel) through quarantine operations.

Infection[edit | edit source]

The severity of the infection determines the risk of operations conducted in the target cities:

  • Uninfected cities are highlighted in gray. Operations within these cities are risk-free, however, the disease can infect them at any time and you can only try to quarantine or establish offices in them.
  • Infected cities are surrounded by a red circle, with the level of infection reflected by the number of segments in the inner circle. Infections levels 0 to 3 can be reduced with treatment (containment) operations.
  • Cities that reached full infection (level 4) are considered lost and you cannot run any operations in them. You also lose any offices in that city.